----- Price adjustment for all orders ----- as of 01.04.2023

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Procurement prices for energy, raw materials and logistics continue to rise significantly.

This development is flanked by long delivery times from our upstream suppliers, which continues to have a critical impact on our supply chains.

The situation on the procurement markets, which is also characterized by rising  prices in the energy sector (very serious for us in finishing processes), metals and packaging, has also not calmed down.

We as a manufacturer of electrical connectivity and cable management systems continue to be massively affected by the sum of all factors and the undermining of the structures we have structures to which we have been accustomed. 

CONTA-CLIP Verbindungstechnik GmbH already committed itself months ago to a strict cost management with numerous measures in the areas of development, production, logistics and purchasing.

You can be assured that these measures and a very close exchange of information with our with our upstream suppliers to minimize the impact of these circumstances on our business with you. 

However, according to the current review, we are unable to fully compensate for these considerable completely and will therefore increase the current prices for all orders from April 1, 2023 by moderate 4.9%, also in the knowledge that we will not that we will not be able to absorb all price increases from our suppliers.

You can easily download the price list relevant for you via the following link: download here

We thank you already now for your understanding and count on a further partnership cooperation, also in dealing with this situation which is not easy for all sides.

With kind regards from Hövelhof


Jörg Nowastowski-Stock 
Managing Director Sales Management / Marketing
Head of Productmanagement


i.V. Monique Junkermann
Head of Internal Sales

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